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I look back over the years to remember what started my obsession with reptiles.  I was always that girl that didn't care what type of animal it was, I loved it .  I wanted to know everything about them.  2006 I fell into the hobby with leopard geckos.  My fondness and passion grew for working with reptiles, and I was hooked for life.  As my knowledge has grown over the years, my standards and quality of life have always been my top priority for my collection.  They're one of the most important parts of my life. My constant high standards shows in the quality of animals I produce. I truly believe anything in life is quality over quantity. Welcome to our world of Homegrown Scales!

Healthy Genetics

I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. Building a solid collection, over the years has been important to me.  I've produced a large quantity of my collection from outstanding examples of the individual species I keep.  A happy healthy animal is a direct reflection on its foundation and husbandry.

Whether you are looking for a new potential breeder or a pet, buying them through a knowledgeable and responsible breeder is key. Good husbandry and a solid foundation creates lifetime success for our captive reptiles.

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HGS is mobile! From consults, to aquarium maintenance I'm on the go!  Do you have a reptile, enclosure,  or fish tank that just doesn't seem to be quite right?  Avoid some of the common mistakes in keeping by scheduling a consult.  Small changes can prevent long term issues.  

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Are you having a hard time getting your creature to eat properly, having poor sheds? Is your fish tank unsightly, a pain to manage? If dealing with your pet seems frustrating, you may be making some common mistakes. These are typically easily fixed with some guidance.  Let me help you solve those issues, before they become vet trip issues; or walking away from a fantastic hobby frustrated! We strive for lifelong thrival with all of our clients pets!

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Is there a fish tank in your home or business that no one has time to clean?  It's ok, that's our job! Give your fish tank some curb appeal and tranquility with a weekly service contract.

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